Thursday, February 12, 2009

Superfly Hoodie

What a swanky little number by Superfly Lullabies. This sweet "Hooter Hoodie" features a barn owl with a multitude of fabrics by designer Amy Butler accented on an American Apparel zip up hoodie. Available sizes range from Infants to 4t for both boys and girls.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What should we call this one?

My newest listing in my shop is a beautiful bright blue tutu skirt that I have embellished with hot pink satin ribbon. I guess you can say I'm a fan of bright colors. I love how vibrant, and fun my tutu creations are coming about. One problem that I am having is coming up with naming these wonderful creations. What should we call this one? Any takers?

Organization Needs Your Help!

Do you have a craft? Would your shop be willing to help out a needy organization?Would you be willing to donate your creations to a worthy cause? We are helping Alicia Fastman from Widener University School of Law. Alicia is a Silent Auction Co-Chair of the Public Interest Law Alliance (PILA). Each Spring they hold a silent auction to raise money for student fellowships. These fellowships are awarded to students who will work for public interest, non-profit, and government organizations and agencies this upcoming summer without being paid for their efforts. Public interest lawyers advocate for populations like victims of domestic violence, and the homeless. They are needing items donated to be auctioned off. If you would like more information on how you can help Alicia, and her organization please email her at:
Please inform Alicia that you are friends of :I Luv U Tutu Much Childrens Boutique!
Delaware Campus:
4601 Concord Pike
P.O. Box 7474
Wilmington, DE
PHONE: 302.477.2162

Monday, February 9, 2009

Crayon Roll Ups

These wonderful roll ups are perfect for use anytime everywhere. Whether your on the go, or just hanging around the house this little caddy is sure to keep your little ones art supplies tidy and mess free. Crafted with cotton fabric and organza ribbon these cute caddy's by Adorable Baby Creations are a sure hit with parents of wee ones who love easy storage and organization that even a young child can manage.

All Ocassion Bags

A few month's ago I purchased a monogrammed bag from cutestitch for my daughters ballet classes. When I received her personalized bag I was blown away at how adorable it looked in person. My daughter was so excited to tote her tap & ballet shoes in this cute carry all. So when my girlfriend signed her daughter up for ballet I just had to order her daughter one too. The personalized all occasion bags come in a wide variety of colors, and different event backgrounds to choose from.

Mary Janes With A Twist

A must have for the most stylish of babies. Mary Jane Felt booties made by The Clever Kitty. Made with wool yarn they are knitted to perfection in an array of wonderful colors that can be custom ordered to your specifications. Cute little flowers add sheer delight to these wonderful baby shoes that have a snap closure and are simply adorable and come prepared in a gift box!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lil Grippers

I started thumbing though handmade stores looking for a cute, and fun gift that I could get my little girl for Valentines Day that's not the usual candy, or the latest toy. I came across Lil Grippers super chunky, and fun, recycled, non toxic heart shaped crayons that come in a 3 pack at a reasonable price of $5.50 for the trio. Gourmet Play N.D.C ship's it completely wrapped for gift giving. Why settle for a box of sweets when you can give such a sweeter gift that will inspire creativity, and fun that their sure to enjoy.

Neon Colored Tutu

I came across a beautiful Lime Green tulle bolt, and just had to purchase it! Who wouldn't want a neon colored tutu? I know it's not the traditional color for ballet dancers or little ballerinas but who would be able to resist this funky cool new look. Not I! Here it is. Can you think of any color combos that would look great with this number? I decided to try it with white satin ribbon. I definitely think hot pink will be next.

Blah Blah Blah Blog

It's been quite a while as I haven't had the time nor the desire to blog. Who knew blogging would be such a hard task at hand. Creativity flows from my mind and transforms in to precious work of art when I am creating girly things so how come it's so hard for me to sit down and put my thoughts on the computer? Is blogging jibberish ramblings of a woman going crazy at 12:39 am? I think so...... Who in their right mind would be willing to do this at this hour? Ummmmmmmmm Me of Course. So here it goes the update.

Romantic Wish

Romantic Wish
photo by: Eye Sugar Photography

Blossoming Romance

Ventura Harbor

was the perfect spot for our photo shoot location! My daughter Keeley looked amazing as usual and was eager to please. My husband Bobby & my helper Alissa were both on top of all the equipment and wardrobe changes that were neede to take the perfect shot. I was thankful for all the help that I recieved from the two of them. Bobby found this beautiful boat right on the marina and I just knew this was going to be the one. How perfect is this outfit and sucha abeautiful background setting. I was so proud of my little girl as she looked absolutely stunning modeling her mommy's creations.

Strawberries & Champagne

A Day at the Beach

Wow ! Absolutely Breathtaking ....This was such an amazing day at the beach as we were fitting in tutu portraits on a vacation weekend. My boys were back at the hotel gearing up for a day of fun and shopping. We drove down to the beach once again to take pictures of Keeley modeling my newest of creations the Strawberries and Champagne Petal Filled Tutu Skirt. What a perfectly lovely tutu for the scenery . It was so much fun watching the waves go in and out. These tutus are truly amazing for portrait work. Keeley had such fun at the beach. I loved seeing her dance, and twirl in the sand. She eventually found a stick and was dragging it behind her. I thank god for this perfect little girl he has brought in to our family's life. She is the reason for my inspiration I just love her too too much.

Sweethearts & Daydreams

Purplecious Party

Happy Birthday Baby...

We just finished our new line of birthday tutus filled with super sweet pom-poms, & Large and small Happy Birthday confetti. These cuties come in purple, and hot pink and are asuper fun. Our sewn filled tutu's are a great addition for birthday party ocassions and a truly a must have! What little girl wouldn't want her own Birthday tutu to twirl, and dance around in on her special day.She's sure to stand out amongst the crowd on her special day. Whether your child is 1 or 16 she'll love the party tutu suprise. Did I mention we sell Birthday party packages? Now you can design your own tutu party! Check out to order your own tutu party custom creations



Artisans Guild Relay for life.

Alissa & I worked hours on end to make just the right amount of boutique goodies for the hundreds of people that came through on Saturday & Sunday. With only 3 hours of sleep between the both of us we were up and ready to preform our duties of showing off our wonderful creations. We decided on a raffle of two beautiful dresses.



River Walk Park

River Walk Park
Our Local Crafters Booth.


What fun it is to have a contest! So we decided to raffle off a couple of tutu dresses in the days that followed our arrival at the artisans guild. In order to win the raffled off Tutu Dresses patrons would need to contribute $2.00 towards the raffle. Tickets with the winners information were called on late Sunday afternoon, to come pick up their items. Our beautiful tutu dresses were specially made with layers upon layers of soft american made tulle that would be fit for a princess. Everyone was equally impressed with the quality of new items we had on hand,and several new custom orders were placed.

Tutu Dresses

Tutu Dresses
Congrats to the winner Crystal

Mix & Match

Mix & Match

Bibs & Burpies

With Designers in mind like Amy Butler, Michael Miller, & Robert Kauffman your sure to make incredible artwork out of their fabric. We handmade, and designed our newest addition of bibs and burpcloths adding the extra finishing touches of chenille & terrycloth to the back for a complete moisture barrier.Baby products are always fun to design and sew and we have had a tremendous amount of buyers asking for new products so we decided to try our hand on a few new creations. Consumers were eager to mix and match our bib and burp sets they especially enjoyed our new baby pails that are great for gift giving on birthdays, baby showers, or even stocking stuffers.

Baby Pails

Baby Pails

Just a Few Creations

Trying our hand at a few ,new ideas besides our signature series of Tutus & Tutu dresses we decided to break the mold and make embellished onesies, pillowcase dresses, baby blankets and doggie tutus in which by the way we sold out of instantly. Go figure! Alissa had been on my case for the past year trying to break down my guard so that I would cave in to her demands of apparel for little pooches. I just resisted with all my might. I absolutely could not, would not make tutus for animals! Or so I thought. Who would of thought that a little tulle attatched to some elastic would make the world go round for dog lovers. People all over town were asking us constantly to make these precious commodities for their little ones. With much hesitation I gave in to their demands and they were such a big hit. Here are a few pics of our sweet and lovely new creations.

Flower Petal Tutu

Pillow Case Dresses

Pillow Case Dresses

Frilly Flops

Frilly Flops

Cutie Patootie Onesies

Cutie Patootie Onesies