Friday, January 23, 2009

Belle Of The Ball

I came across Julie's shop Carolina Creations Too and instantly feel in love with her princess corset outfits. Julie's corset dresses are fantastic for any little princess in your life and would make great dress up ,or party clothes. Julie is from Rural Hall, NC where been sewing for over 20 years for her three daughters and now has a new inspiration to sew for her grandson. Julie started selling her handmade dresses online through Ebay 10 years ago on a dare and really didn't think anything would come of it and instantly sold 10 dresses the first week. Needless to say she was hooked. She then quit her job and started working from home where she was able to care for her little girls that needed her. Then last year a good friend of hers introduced her to Etsy and it was Love at first sight.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Listings.

Who could resist this? Oh so cute and a must have for your little one. New listing sold as as 2 piece outfit. Funky Leopard heart print embellished on an ivory long sleeve Children's Place onesie comes with a matching adorable headpiece.

Stole a Blog from BuggaLove

The Cost of Compliance with CPSIA I’ve been researching XRF testing for about 2 weeks. As many people are finding it to be the way they want to go to test items (at least until August). I looked into the DIY version. Of course, I DIY everything else! Why not this?? So here are some company names and rental rates. Renting your XRF gun: Here are 3 companies that will rent an XRF gun to you. All of these companies say that they’re easy, user-friendly machines. They’ll download your data into an excel document for you. Honestly, at first I thought this would definitely be the way to go. Until I saw how much it would cost me. Innov-X Systems100 Sylvan Rd., Suite 500Woburn, MA 01801Phone: (781) 938-5005 Ext. 309 My contact was Kyle and he sent me a document detailing the following rental costs: Monthly Rental - $4,900.00 Weekly Rental - $1,900.00 Daily Rental Daily (2-day minimum) - $575.00 I never got the information about training from Kyle. Though it seemed as though there was some type of training involved. Atlas Inspection Technologies500 Elliot Ave WSuite ASeattle WA 98119Office 800-281-0650 ext. 2424My contact was Tyler. In his email to me, he stated, “As far as training goes, if you are in the US no training is necessary. We send the gun along with a good set of instructions and it is very easy to use.” Daily Rental - $500/day Weekly Rental - $2000/week. Ajax Environmental and Safety Supply2537 S. Gessner, Suite 238Houston, TX 77063Ph (713) 789-4149 My contact was Judd. I spoke with him on the phone and he emailed me the following rates: $400 - day $1,400 - week $4,000 - month Estimated shipping $235 (EACH WAY). After contacting these 3 companies I determined that there was no way I could do this myself. It was simply financially prohibitive. If a company were to provide me training, I might be more inclined. But again for those enormous daily rates PLUS shipping costs for overnight shipping each way (it costs a lot of money to ship an item that costs $40K to replace!), I determined this was not a cost effective method of testing for me. My next step was to a local company who tests for lead in the home. They had never heard of CPSIA. They said while they use an XRF gun it’s not the same type of gun I needed and therefore were really unable to give me a definitive test. They’d charge me $125 just to come visit my house and then up to $500 for half a day of testing. But since they didn’t have the proper equipment to give me a pass/fail based on the lead levels required by the CPSIA, I decided this was not the best way to spend my money. However, I’m sure there are local companies out there who are equipped to handle these types of requests. So it is definitely worth exploring in your area. One place you might call to find one is your pediatrician's office. Since they often deal with testing children for lead, they may have a suggestion for a company that typically tests your home. At this point I determined that neither of these options, renting a gun or finding a local company was the right one for me. I was starting to lose hope that there was a viable, affordable XRF option. I also considered trying to arrange for a co-op of folks to rent a gun with and split the cost, but I was having some trouble getting traction in that arena as well. So I decided to explore my options in terms of where I could send my items to be tested.Stay Tuned for XRF Testing – Volume 2 Sending your Items for Testing 7 Stages of Grief Every day I scour the web and the CSPC website for new information about the CPSIA. And every day there’s some roller coaster ride of “good news” and “bad news” first saving my business from extinction and then destroying it and putting me out of business. I realize there are a lot of people who have been dealing with this issue much longer than I have. Since late November I’ve been reading, researching, placing calls, and discussing it with anyone who will listen on a daily basis. My part time home based business gets even less of my time and learning about CPSIA and lobbying for change has become almost a full time job.I also went through the 7 stages of grief during this time. That must sound a little wonky but I bet if you search your feelings, you might find it to be true of you too. (That statement was very Star Wars Geek of me) Stage 1 – Shock/Denial – “Naaaah, this can’t be true!” “That’s just crazy!” “What I’m reading has GOT to be wrong.” Stage 2- Pain – The thought of losing the business I’ve been building over the past 2 years hurts me to the core. My items are part of who I am. Sometimes I am even sad when they sell because I really love them! Stage 3- Anger – Anger at those who passed the law and anger at not being aware of it until it seemed too late to change anything. Stage 4- Depression – Feeling a sense of impending doom as I prepare to liquidate inventory and go out of business. Stage 5 - The Upward Turn -Slight hope as change starts to happen that maybe it will all be ok and I will be able to stay in business after all. Stage 6 - Reconstruction and Working Through - Creating a business plan that I’m comfortable with that includes a reasonable testing program leaving me with a high level of confidence that my products comply with the lead laws, even if they don’t comply with the third party testing requirement. Stage 7 - Acceptance and Hope - Becoming comfortable with my business plan and hope that things will change based on some of the statements and letters I’ve seen from the CPSC and legislators. So, since I’ve reached the acceptance stage. I am going to cautiously move forward with my reasonable testing program and my business plan, which includes discontinuing a few things and expanding a few others. But first, I might take a few days to just decompress from this roller coaster. I will still likely report on things I find of interest regarding the CPSIA, but I’m going to work hard at making my blog a place for other BuggaLove news as well.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Hero Cape Giveaway !!!

Looking for a super hero cape for your little one and their partner in crime? Check out Little Window Shoppe and their Super Hero Cape Giveaway where a lucky recipient will be chosen on Friday January 30,2009 to receive their choice of 2 yes that's right 2 beautiful capes made by Erin from Plum Bear Apple. Hurry the deadline ends Thursday January 29,2009.

Beach Themed Wedding

A client of mine is getting married soon in Maui, and with an ocean themed wedding the possibilities are endless for designing a beautiful tutu skirt. So here's what I came up with. I used Aqua Blue shimmering tulle, and sewn in floating lavender, pink, and white petals topped off with a white satin ribbon for a crisp clean beach front look.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cutie Patootie Creations

Just a special thank you to Lisa of Love Lucas Creations for making a special shirt for my daughter to wear on her birthday. It came out great and looked fantastic paired with the new tutu I had made for her special day. Lisa is very talented and can create a one of a kind shirt for your cutie patooties. Check her out here.

New Baby Project

Here's a brand new project I started on last week amongst all the chaos. I embellished a beautiful blue onesie from The children's Place and added ruffles to the legs. I then made a cute baby bib and a matching head band. Last but not least I will be making a matching taggie /security blanket. What do you think? Like it?

Monday, January 19, 2009

A quick congrats to my brother Jeff & his wife Cristina Hall on their new marriage. What a beautiful ceremony you had at St. Francis of Assassi church. Thank you so much for asking me to make the flower girl's tutu dresses for your special day. Your dream of the girls two distinct dresses came out quite lovely, and were so happy for you both.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tutu Terrific Party

For the past 3 weeks I have been brainstorming on the perfect party for my adopted daughter Keeley who was turning 4 years old. I wanted the perfect party for my little princess so I had decided on a ballerina tea party which seemed perfectly fitting due to the fact my little one is in ballet as well as tap. For the most part the majority of our friends have all bought tutus from me through out the year so this would be every ones opportune time to pull them out so we could play dress up while having fun. I got a crazy idea in my head that I would make her cake & cupcakes using fondant. Why didn't anyone stop me? I can cook pretty well but I hardly bake. Bad idea! Alissa & I stayed up till 1:00 a.m. the morning of the party trying to figure out this fondant thing.. Hmmmmm well you know where the story leads. Thank god for Von's. We did manage to pull off the cupcakes and they tasted pretty good ,and I was shocked that we actually received compliments on our decorating skills which lead me to a melt down at 1:00am. I've decided in the future to leave the baking to the professionals. We served heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Fruit,vegetable,meat & cheese platters,fruit punch and apple juice as our tea. The girls had fun embellishing crowns we found in the craft aisle of Michale's, and we watched a Tea Party princess video, as well as played a few games. I had made all the decorations myself which consisted of a banner that said,"Keeley's Tea Party" to the rose bud tissues we hung all over the house, cute little fairy wands for all 18 girls, and table tree settings for the center pieces of their tables.
All in all the day went by spectacularly as they set down at a table my husband Bobby built so they can enjoy their tea party. We were so tired at the end of it all from all the prepping the last few night with little to no sleep that my hubby and I feel asleep by the end of the night and forgot to say Happy Anniversary. Oh the things we do for our little ones, and the big things we forget for ourselves. Happy 17 years hunny.

Blah Blah Blah Blog

It's been quite a while as I haven't had the time nor the desire to blog. Who knew blogging would be such a hard task at hand. Creativity flows from my mind and transforms in to precious work of art when I am creating girly things so how come it's so hard for me to sit down and put my thoughts on the computer? Is blogging jibberish ramblings of a woman going crazy at 12:39 am? I think so...... Who in their right mind would be willing to do this at this hour? Ummmmmmmmm Me of Course. So here it goes the update.

Romantic Wish

Romantic Wish
photo by: Eye Sugar Photography

Blossoming Romance

Ventura Harbor

was the perfect spot for our photo shoot location! My daughter Keeley looked amazing as usual and was eager to please. My husband Bobby & my helper Alissa were both on top of all the equipment and wardrobe changes that were neede to take the perfect shot. I was thankful for all the help that I recieved from the two of them. Bobby found this beautiful boat right on the marina and I just knew this was going to be the one. How perfect is this outfit and sucha abeautiful background setting. I was so proud of my little girl as she looked absolutely stunning modeling her mommy's creations.

Strawberries & Champagne

A Day at the Beach

Wow ! Absolutely Breathtaking ....This was such an amazing day at the beach as we were fitting in tutu portraits on a vacation weekend. My boys were back at the hotel gearing up for a day of fun and shopping. We drove down to the beach once again to take pictures of Keeley modeling my newest of creations the Strawberries and Champagne Petal Filled Tutu Skirt. What a perfectly lovely tutu for the scenery . It was so much fun watching the waves go in and out. These tutus are truly amazing for portrait work. Keeley had such fun at the beach. I loved seeing her dance, and twirl in the sand. She eventually found a stick and was dragging it behind her. I thank god for this perfect little girl he has brought in to our family's life. She is the reason for my inspiration I just love her too too much.

Sweethearts & Daydreams

Purplecious Party

Happy Birthday Baby...

We just finished our new line of birthday tutus filled with super sweet pom-poms, & Large and small Happy Birthday confetti. These cuties come in purple, and hot pink and are asuper fun. Our sewn filled tutu's are a great addition for birthday party ocassions and a truly a must have! What little girl wouldn't want her own Birthday tutu to twirl, and dance around in on her special day.She's sure to stand out amongst the crowd on her special day. Whether your child is 1 or 16 she'll love the party tutu suprise. Did I mention we sell Birthday party packages? Now you can design your own tutu party! Check out to order your own tutu party custom creations



Artisans Guild Relay for life.

Alissa & I worked hours on end to make just the right amount of boutique goodies for the hundreds of people that came through on Saturday & Sunday. With only 3 hours of sleep between the both of us we were up and ready to preform our duties of showing off our wonderful creations. We decided on a raffle of two beautiful dresses.



River Walk Park

River Walk Park
Our Local Crafters Booth.


What fun it is to have a contest! So we decided to raffle off a couple of tutu dresses in the days that followed our arrival at the artisans guild. In order to win the raffled off Tutu Dresses patrons would need to contribute $2.00 towards the raffle. Tickets with the winners information were called on late Sunday afternoon, to come pick up their items. Our beautiful tutu dresses were specially made with layers upon layers of soft american made tulle that would be fit for a princess. Everyone was equally impressed with the quality of new items we had on hand,and several new custom orders were placed.

Tutu Dresses

Tutu Dresses
Congrats to the winner Crystal

Mix & Match

Mix & Match

Bibs & Burpies

With Designers in mind like Amy Butler, Michael Miller, & Robert Kauffman your sure to make incredible artwork out of their fabric. We handmade, and designed our newest addition of bibs and burpcloths adding the extra finishing touches of chenille & terrycloth to the back for a complete moisture barrier.Baby products are always fun to design and sew and we have had a tremendous amount of buyers asking for new products so we decided to try our hand on a few new creations. Consumers were eager to mix and match our bib and burp sets they especially enjoyed our new baby pails that are great for gift giving on birthdays, baby showers, or even stocking stuffers.

Baby Pails

Baby Pails

Just a Few Creations

Trying our hand at a few ,new ideas besides our signature series of Tutus & Tutu dresses we decided to break the mold and make embellished onesies, pillowcase dresses, baby blankets and doggie tutus in which by the way we sold out of instantly. Go figure! Alissa had been on my case for the past year trying to break down my guard so that I would cave in to her demands of apparel for little pooches. I just resisted with all my might. I absolutely could not, would not make tutus for animals! Or so I thought. Who would of thought that a little tulle attatched to some elastic would make the world go round for dog lovers. People all over town were asking us constantly to make these precious commodities for their little ones. With much hesitation I gave in to their demands and they were such a big hit. Here are a few pics of our sweet and lovely new creations.

Flower Petal Tutu

Pillow Case Dresses

Pillow Case Dresses

Frilly Flops

Frilly Flops

Cutie Patootie Onesies

Cutie Patootie Onesies